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Compressed air or water

sandblast, stream of sand or other abrasive particles driven by a jet of compressed air or water or by centrifugal force against a surface to clean or abrade it. When centrifugal force is used, the abrasives are whirled in a rapidly rotating device before being directed against the surface. Powdered quartz, emery, chilled iron globules, and other hard granular substances are used as the abrasive material. 888-279-5553


Cleaning castings

The sandblast is used for cleaning castings in foundries; for preparing metal surfaces for painting, enamelling, and galvanizing; and for cleaning the stonework of buildings. Frosted designs are worked on glass by placing a stencil or suitable pattern over the surface so that the blast affects only the uncovered parts.


Exceptionally hazardous

Sandblasting dust can be exceptionally hazardous to the lungs. Either silica or tiny abrasive metals are used while Sandblasting. Many people overlook the safety measures that are associated with Sandblasting. If you do Sandblasting then you need to learn all about sandblaster safety.

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Sandblaster Safety with Sandblasting Team in Overton, NE

The stipulated requirements of operators that sandblast need to wear a sealed sir vented helmet. This helmet protects them from and hazardous microscopic dust particles which are produced from the Sandblasting. The air filter needs to be checked regularly to ensure the dust is not entering and circulating into the helmet. The helmet also needs to fit properly. Every time the helmet is work it needs to be cleaned when the job is completed.

Sandblaster Safety Manager

In any Sandblasting concern our manager or supervisor at Sandblasting Team in Overton, NE will make sure staffs learn all about sandblaster safety. If proper training is not given, injuries could result when using the sandblaster. In addition the abrasive materials that are used in a sandblaster can create harmful dust when being transported. When sandblaster abrasives are being transported, the people transporting them need to wear a filter respirator.

Included in the safety regulations is noise safety. These Sandblasting machines create a high volume noise when being used and can damage the ears of the operator as well as those nearby. It is imperative that the operator wear protective earphones which will help to block the excessive noise.

Sandblaster Safety

The equipment that will be worn by Sandblasting Team in Overton, NE and used is safety glasses, helmet, safety respirators and filters and aprons. Sandblasting outdoors is very messy as well as hazardous, and it is important to follow the safety rules provided by the EPA. When Sandblasting indoors, wear protective gear, and the area must be well ventilated. For those that work with sandblasters need to be warned that prolonged inhalation of the dust causes silicosis. Learn all about sandblaster safety and only perform Sandblasting in a controlled environment with all the right safety measures in place.

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